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Hello ladies,
We are super excited to have secured the stunning Lilia Tarawa as our next Bubbles & Inspiration speaker on Monday 12th March 2018.
‘When Lilia and her family threw their belongings in a van and left Gloriavale for good, it was an act of heroism and faith.  They were trusting that the leaders who told them the outside world was a terrible place were wrong, and that they had the strength and survival skills to thrive there’  Stuff, August 2017
As the granddaughter of the founder of Gloriavale, Lilia grew up in a happy, family focused environment. At a young age, she featured on our TV screens when the rest of New Zealand got a rare glimpse of what life was like on the ‘inside’ and that was all she knew through to age 18.  Recently, she has released her book ‘Daughter of Gloriavale’  and her TEDX talk has surpassed 2 million views, which was uploaded just prior to Christmas.
Lilia is passionate about life, women and creating balance.  This is a MUST see event for a huge dose of inspiration and an intimate insight into the most well know closed community in the land of the long white cloud.  Please feel free to bring your college aged daughters to this event.
WHEN:                  Monday 12th March 2018
WHERE:                Carterton Events Centre
TIME:                    Arrive from 6.15pm for a prompt 7pm start and finish by 8.30
COST:                    $20 per person – Please bring cash
                              (includes a glass of Paulownia Wine or Mela Juice)
RSVP:                    All registrations online at
Her book, ‘Daughter of Glorivale’ will also be available for sale on the night $35 each and will be signed personally.  ‘A truly fascinating, eye opening encounter, a total must read if you haven’t already’ said Carissa
See you there!
Carissa & Sara

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