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Hello Ladies,
After more than 55 Bubbles events,  we are delighted to announce our very own Carissa Fairbrother is our next speaker.  Not only is she an Authorised Financial Advisor, local business owner and mother to 3, for the last few years Carissa has been Keynote speaking up and down the country.  For our final event for 2017 she is going to focus on how we teach our kids that ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees’.

From her own experience, frustration and fear of raising ‘entitled children’, Carissa will share her financial expertise and practical tips on what we can do as parents/grandparents to assist the next generation to be resourceful, understanding and some-what sensible when it comes to money.  This is a fun and informative way to kick into the silly season!
WHEN:                  Thursday 2nd November
WHERE:                Carterton Events Centre
TIME:                    Arrive from 6.15pm for a 7pm start and 8pm finish
COST:                    $20 per person – Please bring cash
                              (includes 1st glass of bubbles or juice)
RSVP:                    All registrations online at
See you there!
Carissa & Sara

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